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Wazaif Darood Collection


Wazaif and Darood Sharif Collection application contains famous Qurani Wazaif from Quran E Pak and all Darood Sharif which everyone Must recite everyday. Wazaif or Wazifa is the repetition of words, clauses, and sentences i.e., Names of Allah Asma Ul Husna , Names of Beloved Prophet, Peace be upon Him, or other notions which were performed by Aulia Allah, Darood Sharif , Ism E Azam. These wazaif have powerful capability to transform one's self, circumstances, or even chemistry of the things with the help of ALLAH. Some Wazaif are extremely strong and requires you to properly ground the 'current', therefore you must be part of some Silsila (which shall act as a grounding system) and have proper permission to perform these special Wazaif, otherwise the results could be catastrophic. In case one has performed them without permission, should immediately start Darood Shareef and stop all other wazaif. Darood Sharif acts like first aid in grounding the excessive charge created by strong wazaif.This is an app for urdu readers who are interested in learning in-depth info about Qurani Wazaifs.The first Part of this app Contains Famous Qurani Wazaif Collection listed Below1. Wazifa Shah Qafl2. Wazifa Haft Hakel3. Chahl-e-Kaaf4. Qaseeda E Ghousia5. Asbooh Sharif6. Hizb Ul Bahr7. Asma Ul Husna Wazaif8. Asma Un Nabi Wazaif9. Ism E Azam10. Bad Nazri ka ilajSecond Part of this Qurani Wazaif and Darood Collection App Contains Famous Darood Sharif From Guldasta E Darood E Pak. This Wazaif App Contain Darood E Ibrahimi, Darood E Taj, Darood E Tanjina and Many Other Darood Shareef.Some of Them Are Listed Below1. Darood e Ibrahimi2. Darood e Taj3. Darood e Tanjina4. Darood e Mahi and many Many more. This Wazaif and Darood app is very useful for Daily use .